Amprobe in Mumbai
Leading Amprobe Dealers and Distributor in Mumbai, India Industrial Applications.

Pioneers in the industry, we offer gdm-8261a dual measurement multimeter, amprobe at-7020 advanced wire tracer kit, amprobe at-4003-a advanced wire tracer, amprobe at-3500 underground cable locator, psb-1000 series programmable multi-range dc power supply and amprobe am-510 commercial and residential multimeter from India.

Amprobe provides a variety of multimeter products, such as True-rms multimeters, for electricity maintenance tasks, and many options are designed with a convenient display panel. By observing the panel, you can gather information about voltage.

This is a great, cheap multimeter to use in the field. The Amprobe Am-570 comes with a pretty good accuracy and is a bit no frills. It’ll dutifully read almost all of the same things as a more expensive meter, including ohms, amperage, and capacitance albeit with a slightly reduced level of accuracy.

he Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement of current down to the tenth of an Amp, enabling accurate current measurement of both large and small diameter wires. A low pass filter allows measurement of current and voltage on variable frequency drives (motors with speed controlled by frequency).

  • Features True-RMS sensing for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments.
  • Measures AC/DC current to 300 A (10mA resolution)
  • Includes a low pass filter to accurately measure voltage and current on variable frequency drives.
  • Inrush current for motor start-up monitoring.

In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp, also known as current probe, is an electrical device with jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor.