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Borewell and Mining Equipment manufacturers
Manufacturers and Exporters of borewell and mining drilling rigs from India. Our Borewell rigs are strudy and operates with less maintenance.

Borewell rigs manufactured by Synergy Rigs are of high quality and strudy machines which lasts longer. With wide range of specifications and configurations, Synergy Rigs can meet the stingent quality requirements.

For drilling a hole in the underground, the drilling machine uses drill bit, also known as bore well hammer. Bore well hammer receives strong air pressure that is sent through the strong iron pipes from the compressor inside the hammer.

Which types of pumps are suitable for borewells? Jet, compressor and submersible pumps are the widely used pumps for domestic purposes in India. Jet pumps which are installed above the ground level over or near the borewell are suitable for depths upto 150 feet.

You can register your Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) eligible RIDGID tools two ways. Either go online to and follow the directions; or if you do not have access to the internet, you may mail your registration information to: RIDGID® Service Dept.

In the alluvium aquifer of North India, borewells of depth 30 to 50 m give good potable water and a deeper borewell is required only from quality considerations at those specific locations where the water at shallow depths is having high TDS or harmful substances like arsenic.

First, subtract the depth to water from the overall depth of the well. For example, if our well was ten feet deep and it was a foot to water, we’d have nine feet of water. Next, use the following equation: pi (or 3.15 if you’re not using a calculator) times the square of your radius times the height of your well.

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Drilling Depth100-200 meters50-100 meters
Hole Diameter200-400 mm200-400 mm
Max. Pile Diameter