Disinfection Tunnel System

Disinfection Tunnel System in Mumbai
isinfetant tunnel from Greenly uses aerosol misting system. Aerosol Misting or Fogging are tiny liquid droplets which get sprayed into the air, and are primarily used as an aerosol disinfectant spray.

It is disinfection with a dry fogger and suitable disinfectant which represents a very special technology and used in this human disinfection tunnel. This is a modern and practical disinfection method, which supplements the classic spray/wipe disinfection to ensure the air and surfaces in medical, food preparation, and commercial rooms is as germ-free as possible. Unlike conventional methods, it also disinfects the ambient air. The aerosol disinfectant walk through tunnel uses disinfectant liquid and atomised into tiny droplets using an aerosol disinfectant fogger dragged along by the jet air current and dispersed into the ambient air. The air current evenly distributes these tiny droplets throughout the entire room. This gives this type of disinfection a significant advantage over the conventional methods of spraying and wiping. With these two, the quantity and distribution of the aerosol disinfectant varies considerably, and not all sources of pathogens can be fully reached this way. Of course, wiping and spraying to disinfect retains its validity even with the availability of aerosol disinfection. The two techniques are actually a perfect match. The second key property of this kind of disinfection is that it seamlessly coats surfaces, even those that are difficult to access. This makes this type of disinfection the ideal addition to conventional disinfection methods.‚Äč