Synergy Spray systems offer 5 types of water-based dust suppression cannon models suitable for dust control in mining opencast mines, demolition sites, recycling plants, storage depots, loading systems, landfill sites, woodworking shops, and construction sites.
Dust Control Cannons are manufactured in several versions ranging from 20 to 100 meters of projection distance.

Our models include a streamlined chassis including the transfer pump, the oscillation system, the solenoid valve, the filter, the pressure switch to ensure the protection of these elements. We offer specialized solutions so the cannons can be mounted either on a truck or a customized trailer.

Our fog cannon dust suppression cannons also have a long projection range and integrated 360° rotatable function suitable for dust control applications covering large areas.

The patented nozzle head and the outer nozzle ring generate a finely atomized mist, which binds the dust particles and prevents them from spreading. The projection distance of the inside nozzle head can be limited to close range by switching off the turbine.



Advantage of Fog Cannon


Close to 99% reduction efficiency of PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles.

Less than 2% moisture by volume added to the product.

Modular design capability for future expansion of fog cannon systems.

Low installation costs with no expensive plant modifications required.

Fog Cannons / mist cannons can be mounted on variety of trucks and trailers based on customer requirement.

Ability to customize based on unique operational requirements of the customers.



Options Available


Standalone fog Cannons with Manual Swivel Option.

Standalone fog Cannons with Automatic Swivel Option.

Standalone fog Cannons with Remote Control Tilting and Turning Option.

Dust Suppression Tank system mounted on Truck.

Mist Cannon with Tank

Mist Cannons mounted on a Trailer

Standalone dust suppression mist cannon with wheels