Product Details:

Automation Grade Automatic
Model Name/Number MK2
Brand Next Automation
Tractor Power 45 HP
Hydraulic Capacity 106 LPM
Oil Tank Capacity 150 Liters
No. of Hydraulic Jack 4
Control Valve Hydraulic 3 (Spool Directional Control Valve)
No. of Control Valve 2
No. of Check Valve 3
Brush Diameter 14 inch
Bristle Type Soft Bristle
Product Brush Type Spiral Type
Water Usage 4000 Liters per MW
MW Per Hour 0.4 MW/hour
Lowest Panel Height 1 Feet
Highest Panel Height 10 Feet
Total Front Setup 816 Kg
Total Back Setup 830 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 Liters
Battery Capacity 88Ah
Voltage 12 V
Brush Length 15 Feet

Easy to Install and Operate:-

  • Our system was made without alterations on the vehicle, we are used an external mounting process.
  • So our system is easy to install on the vehicle.
  • Also our solar panel cleaning system is working on hydraulic operation so it’s easy to operate.

120° Swivel Boom:-

  • Our system was fixed with a center point to swivel on both left and right side of the vehicle up to 120°.
  • It enable our system to operate on both side of the vehicle.

Brush Availability:-

  • We have various available brush lengths for cleaning depending upon the various array structures.
  • We have brush lengths varying from 10 feet to 25 feet.

Pivoting System:-

  • The Brush is fixed with the boom in freely pivoting
  • point which can adjust tself for the panel’s angle
  • Which can clean varying tapered panels with the same
  • brush without causing damage to the solar panels.
  • Also we don’t need any setup change or setup time for
  • The brush to place on the panels for the panel’s angle
    and varying road conditions.


  • We are using water for the cleaning purpose which is not harmful for the solar panels.
  • The life span of solar system won’t affect with our process.

Brush Structure:-

  • The Brush is made up for the purpose of cleaning the smooth surfaces especially for PV systems.
  • It is structured on spiral shape which can clean the dirt, dust on the panels.

Control Unit:-

  • The Control Unit is working on hydraulic operation which gives more precision and accuracy on the operation,
  • The Hydraulic Control Keys are fixed near the operator for operator convenience which is easy to handle.
  • All the function are mentioned with direction and operation instructions on the Hydraulic Control Unit

Transport Position:-

  • The Hydraulic System allows to fold and safe transport of the solar track on the right hand side of the carrier vehicle using hydraulic control unit
  • The system was designed with ensure stable transport after folding the brush.

Water Tank:-

  • Water tank can be placed on the rear of the vehicle with the mounted tank carrying structure.
  • Water tank is fixed in pallet fork frame.
  • Water tank can carry 1000 liters of water.

Lighting System:-

  • The Solar Track having two focus light on the front side of the system.
  • Also four LED lights on roof top of the tractor which enables the visibility of surrounding at the night time.
  • We have one more LED near the center of rear axle which gives visibility under the vehicle for emergency maintenance of vehicle.
  • We are having a light inside the cabin for operator’s visibility during the night time operations.
  • Also the lighting system gives more comfort for the road transport of vehicle on low light or night times.

Water Service Hose:-

  • Awater service hose on a length of 10 meters is attached with the water pump.
  • The carrier vehicle water service can be done from the same system.

Other Details:-

Length Availability 10 to 25 Feet
Speed 0.250 Kmph to 2 Kmph
No. of Panel can be Cleaned 1250 to 1500 Panels (Approx. 7.5×3.25 )
Panel Width 6.5 Feet to 23 Feet
Operating Direction Both Side of the Vehicle
Swivel System Upto 120o
Brush Upto 270o
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