CNC spindle 300W air cooled milling Engraving Motor

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Package include:

    1pcs  300W spindle motor(Includes 3.175 chucks)
    1pcs  48v 300W power supply
    1pcs  bracket (include 4pcs screws)
    1pcs  Speed governor
    7pcs  ER 11 collet (1mm2mm3mm4mm,5mm,6mm.7mm)
Working voltage :12-48VDC
Power: 300W
Speed :3000-12000RPM (12v-3000rpm,24V-6000rpm,36V-9000rpm  .48V-12000rpm)
Insulation resistance:> 2 megohms
Dielectric strength: 400V
Diameter: 52mm
Chuck Part Length: Arbor parts 35mm, (including nuts and sandwich 43mm)
Part chuck diameter: 16mm
Motor length: 178mm (including gripping parts and motor)
Spindle runout of about :0.02-0.03.
Can be used for engraving metal or non-metal and other materials.
If the motor needs to work long hours, please install the fan forced cooling.
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