Fluke Air Meter TM 975

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Simple, all-in-one air diagnostics.

The Fluke 975 measures the following.

  •  Temperature
  • Velocity
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • CO

Description :

Fluke  Air Meter TM 975
Simple, all-in-one air diagnostics

One tool. Get more done.

The Fluke 975 Air Meter test tool raises indoor air monitoring to the next level by combining five powerful tools into one rugged and easy-to-use handheld device. Use the Fluke 975 to optimize HVAC ventilation settings for ASHRAE 62 recommendations, to actively monitor conditions that promote a productive environment and quickly and accurately address

occupant comfort complaints the first time. The Fluke 975 measures:

  •  Temperature
  • Velocity
  •  Humidity
  •  CO2
  •  CO

    Use the Fluke 975 Air Meter test tool to:

  • Respond to comfort-related calls from occupants
  • Verify the operation of building HVAC control systems
  •  Determine whether adequate ventilation exists for space air cycling
  •  Monitor air flow and velocity
  • Test for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks


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