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Brand GIC
Mounting Type DIN Rail
PLC Power 24VDC
Manufacturer Series PL-100
I/O Points upto 112 ios
Output Type Digital
Communication Port USB-PC port
Programming ladder

• Relay Base & MOSFET Low Side Base modules
• Stacking using FRC cable up to maximum 6 Expansion Modules
• Isolated Digital Inputs with sourcing & sinking capability
• Isolated Digital Transistorized Outputs (Low Side and High side driver)
• High Speed Inputs – Single / Quadrature (1x/2x/4x)
• High Speed Outputs (PTO / PWM / S-Profile) Mini PLC PL – 100
• Analog Voltage/Current Inputs and Outputs of 0-10 V / 4-20 mA
• PC Software for programming, online & offline simulation
• Standard RS232/RS485 port with RJ11 for HMI/SCADA Interface
• Modbus RTU support
• 128 Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Time Switches each
• Multiple Timers, Counters including retentive counters, Hour meters & many more functions



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