Horizontal Autoclave

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Triple wall with  steam jacket

The autoclave is mounted on a Stainless steel tubular stand. The autoclave chamber & steam jacket are made of 10SWG SS 316. Stainless steel, outer shell which serves as a cover is made of stainless steel. Steam jacket allows dry sterilization. Hinged door is made of stainless steel. Radial locking arms prevent opening of the door while steam is inside the chamber. Autoclave is fitted with silicon gasket; steam is generated in a separate boiler which is placed below the main body. Multiport valve is provided for steam, dry sterilization & steam exhaust.

Autoclave is fitted with easily replaceable heaters and water level indicator. Autoclave holds pressure at selected point between 1 to 21 cg between 1 to 21cg +/- 3psi. Pressure control has markings which are approximate; the actual pressure is as shown by the pressure gauge. Hydraulically tested at 60psi.Fitted with safety valves pressure is as shown by the pressure gauge. Hydraulically tested at 40 psi. Fitted with safety valves, pressure gauges, steam release valve, steam top and one tray.

Single DOOR of size 120 liters capacity along with automatic temperature controller and printed output.



  • Cylindrical / Rectangular design
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • ISI marked flange / immersion heating elements
  • Working pressure 15 psi to 20 psi
  • Standard temperature 121°C
  • Silicon rubber door gasket
  • Digital Temperature controller
  • Digital Timer and alarm (buzzer)
  • Automatic pressure control switch
  • Reliable steam pressure gauges
  • Vacuum breaker and steam trap valve
  • Brass safety valves
  • Viewing glass water level check
  • Triple walled construction
  • Automatic water level cut-off
  • Powder coated / chrome plated MS Stand
Design Type Cylindrical or Rectangular
Construction Triple Walled
Inner chamber SS 304 with full argon welding
External chamber SS 304
Finishing Mirror finished inner and external surface
Insulation Glass wool
  • Made of SS 304 sheet
  • water inlet & outlet valves
  • Water level glass window
  • Boiler safety valve
All piping SS 304
Chamber condensate line Fitted with steam trap and check valve
Working temperature 121°C
Working pressure 15 to 20 psi
Hydraulic tested on 40 psi
Controller type
  • PID temperature controller
  • Digital timer controller with END cycle buzzer
Sensor PT100
Heaters ISI mark immersion heaters
LID SS 304 w/ Pressure locking device
Radial locking system Chrome plated MS
Stand Chrome plated MS
  • Automatic pressure control switch
  • Analog dial  type pressure gauge
  • Manual pressure release valves for chamber & jacket
Multiport valve
  • Selection of sterilization
  • Only chamber pressure release
  • Full chamber / jacket both pressure release
Tray Perforated tray made of SS 304
Standard fittings
  • Mains MCB
  • Silicon gasket
  • Vacuum breaker
  • Stream trap
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Boiler safety valve
Power supply 440 Volts 50Hz, Three Phase
  • Working at 30 psi with 134°C
  • Provision of vacuum drying
  • Low water cut-off
  • Digital pressure display
  • Auto release of pressure through solenoid valves
  • Complete SS 304 / SS 316 construction (GMP model)
  • PLC + Color HMI with Data logging, USB interface, Ethernet
  • Thermal printer
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