Greenly Water Save Mist Aerator for Taps – 1.2 liters per minute (LPM) – Mist flow pattern (WS-M1)

Conserving water is need of the hour as it has a very good environmental effect as well as it saves a significant amount of money.

Mist Water saving aerators for Taps reduced the waste of water and its the best and cheapest way to reduce the water consumption at your taps. Mist Aerators converts water flow into tiny particles and spreads the water flow to increase performance. This water saving aerator is best suited for Corporate restrooms, wash basins taps / faucets. A best fit for water tap.

Greenly Mist Aerator for Taps features are

  • Saves around 90% compared to normal aerators.
  • Best suitable for wash basins. Not suitable for Kitchen Use.
  • anti-clogging filter screen filters sediments and particles.
  • perfect flow quality even under different flow conditions.
  • Anti-clogging filter
  • extended life.
  • very low noise level.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • fulfills all standard requirements.
  • DIY – easily replaceable using a 22 mm spanner or a cutting Plier.
  • Flow patterns – Mist.
  • Economical and Pocket friendly.
  • Reduce Energy bills.
    Output LPM  1.2 LPM
    Flow patterns Mist Flow
    Method of Construction Poly-Oxy-Methelene (An Engineering Plastic)
    Suitable for 22 mm Diameter threaded shells(M24/F24 threaded taps)
    Operating Pressure 0.8 bar to 4 bar.


    Gives best results in 

    • Corporate tap installations
    • Commercial complex
    • IT Parks
  • Best Return on Investment.


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