Industrial Solution designs, sells and installs high-quality misting systems. Our misting systems will transform your patio into a cool refreshing basis. We offer a complete line of misting systems and accessories that provide relief from the heat without getting wet.
Get maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor patio all summer long with our diverse selection of patio misting systems. With misting coverage for your outdoor patio, you can expect evaporative cooling effects of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit!

Our professionally designed patio misting systems are easily adaptable to service residential customers. Industrial Solution offer low (150 PSI), mid (300 PSI) and high pressure (1000 PSI) patio misting systems. Our residential misting system will cool down an outdoor patio space and make it into a comfortable misting oasis even on the hottest day. Industrial Solution misting systems allow you to stay cool, refreshed, and safe as you enjoy your outdoor patios during the summer months

Industrial Solution backyard patio misting systems include all the parts needed to cool your outdoor area, including:

  • High-pressure misting pump
  • Misting tubing
  • Water filtration system
  • Brass nozzles
  • Connectors and brackets
  • And all misting parts needed!

Remember Industrial Solution also offers residential heating systems for your backyard and patio comfort.

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