TrueMist Twister – Dual mode Water saving Nozzle for taps  *** For 18 mm Standard Tap ****

Taps with 18mm Female thread size are manufactured by following tap manufacturers EssESS, Jaguar, Hindware, ParryWare, etc..

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Water Conservation is need of the hour as it has a very good environmental effect as well as it saves a significant amount of money.

The Nozzle Dual Flow is designed for everyday efficiency. That means saving water without wasting time or losing functionality. Experience mist with our patent pending atomization technology. Millions of droplets instantly drenching your hands. Making it possible to give you 97% less without loss. Atomizers are special aerators with a minimal flow rate (water-saving). The atomization is achieved by dispersing the water into tiny droplets. By contrast with the very small amount of water used covering large surface area.

Advantage of mist water saving nozzle:

  • Mist flow mode dispense only 700 ml per minute (Saves 90% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Spray flow mode dispense only 3.5 litres per minute (Saves 60% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Just a small twist between mist and Spray mode.
  • Customization (We can provide mist water flow rates as per your requirement from 300 ml per minute to 1 liters per minute).
  • Can be retrofitted in any standard 18mm diameter female threaded tap. No Tap replacement needed.
  • No Pressure pump required.
  • Solid construction using Stainless steel / Brass material.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Anti rust proof.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – DIY – Simply unscrew existing aerator and replace with Greenly Trumist Twister.
  • Optimized for varities of usage including Home Taps, Wash basin, Kitchen, Commercial establishment, Educational Institution and Shopping malls.
  • Reduce Energy bills.
  • Extreme water saving without compromising the water usage.
  • Best Return on Investment .
Output LPM in Mist mode 700 ml per minute (90% Savings)
Output LPM in Shower mode 3.5 LPM (60% Savings)
Flow patterns Mist and Shower
Method of Construction Brass
Suitable Tap Thread size Various Tap threads using adapters
Operating Pressure 1 bar to 6 bar.
Country of Origin India
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