Feature-rich. Fully loaded. No matter how you say it, this microwave timer/counter is packed with functionality. Measure up to 40 GHz signals. And, get two extra 300 MHz timer/counter ports for added versatility. Quickly and accurately analyze signals with 13 automated measurements and comprehensive analysis modes, including statistics, histograms and trending. Get unparalleled ease of use with intuitive operation and USB connectivity. Finally, fully loaded comes standard.

• 12 digit/sec frequency resolution.
• 100 ps single-shot time resolution.
• 250 k readings/sec data transfer rate to internal memory.
• 13 automated frequency, time, phase and voltage measurements.
• Integrated power meter.
• See how your device is changing over time with built-in analysis modes. – TrendPlotTM, histograms and statistics.
• Easily connect to a PC with the USB and GPIB ports.

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