In applications that demand extreme channel density, the 5 Series MSO Low Profile sets a new standard for performance. This mixed signal oscilloscope offers 8 input channels (plus AUX Trig) and 12-bit analog-to-digital converters in a compact package, only 3.5 inches high (2U). Replace your oscilloscopes and fit six times more channels into your existing rack space.

• 8 FlexChannel® inputs with 1 GHz bandwidth.
• 12-bit Analog-to-digital converter.
• 125 Mpoints record length.
• Only 2 rack units (3.5 inches) high.
• Aux trigger input.
• Designed for high channel count applications. Provides 6x improvement over the channel count density of a typical oscilloscope.
• Easy remote control – browser access via IP address.
• Easily transition from R&D to manufacturing.

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