Tektronix Portable Device Battery/Charger Simulator 2300 Series

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Testing portable, battery-operated devices under real-word conditions demands a DC power supply that can simulate a battery’s performance over a wide range of conditions. Series 2300 battery simulating power supplies can simulate both a battery’s output resistance and output voltage response.



Keithley’s battery-simulating power supplies can simulate a battery’s output characteristics and its discharged state. These supplies can measure low, sleep mode load current and pulsed output load current. Dual-channel models facilitate testing portable device, charge control circuitry with a battery channel and a charger simulator channel.

• Optimized for battery-powered device testing.
• 100 nA current measurement sensitivity.
• Load pulse current measurement: 33 μs–833 μs.
• Variable output resistance: 0–1 Ω with 10 mΩ resolution.
• Measure sleep, currents, standby currents, and full load currents to determine power consumption.
• Sink current to simulate a discharged battery.

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