Tosoku CNC Manual Pulse Generator HC Series

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FUTURE Taiwan Band Switch Digital Code Rotary Switch NDS Series

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Make: Tosoku

Origin: Japan

Model Number: HC115/HC121/HC11D

Product Description

Manual Pulse Generator

Product Specifications:

Standard shipping only handheld part ( spring cable and the hook unit for options, need another order ),

Product Name: TOSOKU electronic handwheel

Origin: Japan

Product type: HC115, HC121 series

Brand: Japan Tosoku ( Japan East test )

Product description

Manual pulse generator of Manual Pulse Generator ( also known as electronic handwheel, manual pulse generator, pulse generator hand veins, etc.)

Tosoku electronic handwheel for all kinds of CNC control system, according to different models and supply voltage selection. Applicable to teach CNCmechanical work origin setting, stepping adjustment and break into other activities, in addition to the printing machines are also widely used electronic handwheel.

Characteristic description:

Ultra thin [26mm].

Ultra small volume:124mm ( *73mm long ) ( W) *26mm ( thick).

Provide 25PPR and 100PPR pulse number output.

Multiple output interface type: voltage ( single ), a differential output options are available, with all kinds of applications.

A hand-held body is sealed, dustproof and waterproof. [IP67]

A power supply indicator lamp ( LED, DC12V~24V )

Special spring cable standard connector, wire200000stretching life

Simple installation, high compatibility

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