Tosoku CNC Rotary Switch DPP J Series

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FUTURE Taiwan Band Switch Digital Code Rotary Switch NDS Series

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Make: Tosoku

Model: DP series
Origin: Japan
Miniaturization: 33.6*36.3[mm]
Operating panel length: 25.0[mm]
Digital band switch reduces wiring. Time saving, labor saving and reliability.
Setting simple, changing the fixed screw position, can adjust the setting state.
The stable contact of gold plated double contacts ensures the reliability.
5 rotation angles: 13.85 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 27.69 degrees, 30 degrees.
5 digital methods: 2 hexadecimal code; 16 hexadecimal code; and other [false signal prevention].
DP can add additional shift LED display function.
It is reliable and reliable. The rotational strength is 3[Nm], more than 2 times as stipulated by [JISThat is how we do the package 🙂

TOSOKU Japan Band Switch Digital Code Rotary Switch DPN 01S


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