Ultrasonic Nozzle – Fine Air Atomizing Nozzle – 1/4 Inch BSPT Connection.

Ultrasonic nozzles are a type of spray nozzle that uses high frequency vibration produced by piezoelectric transducers acting upon the nozzle tip that will create capillary waves in a liquid film. Once the amplitude of the capillary waves reaches a critical height (due to the power level supplied by the generator), they become too tall to support themselves and tiny droplets fall off the tip of each wave resulting in atomization

Atomizing nozzles for viscous fluids and for applications that benefit from increased spray nozzle control. i.e control of pattern and droplet size independent of shape air or atomizing air and control air.  Externally atomized with built-in pneumatic control valve.

The primary factors influencing the initial droplet size produced are frequency of vibration, surface tension, and viscosity of the liquid. Frequencies are commonly in the range of 20–180 kHz, beyond the range of human hearing, where the highest frequencies produce the smallest drop size


  • Biomedical Application
  • Spray dryer
  • Thin Film coating
  • Uniform coating
  • Semiconductor Electronics Application
  • Nano Technology Coating

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