Scheduled measurement (UT301C+): Set a start time and interval, device will auto turn on at start time, perform a measurement, then turn off, and repeat the procedure once for every interval time. Interval range from 1 min to 96 hours, number of measurement and data storage can be up to 99 sets.

  • 12:1 D:S ratio
  •  Adjustable emissivity 0.1~1.0
  •  ±1.5°C temperature measurement accuracy
  •  User defined visual and audio alarm
  •  High contrast EBTN color display
  •  MAX/MIN/AVG/DIFF/Hold modes
  •  Dual lasers (UT301C+)
  •  Temperature recording up to 99 groups (UT301C+)
  •  Date/time display (UT301C+)
  •  Time scheduled measurement (UT301C+)

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