Panasonic AC Motor Brands

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Industrial Solutions is a leading dealer and distributor of Panasonic AC motors in India. We distribute Panasonic AC motors in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Panasonic offers a wide range of AC Motors from 50W to 15,000W, making them ideally suited for both small (1 or 2 axes) and complex tasks (up to 256 axes).


MINAS A6 Series is Panasonic’s latest servo system, delivering high power and precise motion control using compact and robust servo motors paired with advanced multi-function servo drivers. Available in a wide range of speed and power, 30% smaller, and 20% lighter than the previous generation, the MINAS A6 Servo Motors are the top choice for the industrial motion control applications.


  • Small and light
  • The MINAS A6 series motors achieve a 30% smaller footprint and 20% lighter weight in comparison to their equivalent models in previous series without compromising performance. Panasonic’s smallest A6 servomotors are even shorter than a business card.
  • High Torque and Speed
  • Thanks to its integrated permanent magnet design (IPM), the A6 series servomotors deliver higher torque and greater maximum speed compared to the previous models, which utilized a traditional SPM magnet design.
  • Precise and High-Speed Encoder (23bit, 2.5 Mbps)
  • The MINAS A6 series servo motors can be controlled with 40 micro-degree turn intervals thanks to their 23-bit encoders, which deliver 8.3 million pulses per revolution.
  • Combined with 2.5 Mbps communication speed, MINAS A6 servo motors can handle high precision industrial motion control applications.
    Robust (IP65/67)
  • The motor and encoder connectors of MINAS A6 series are available in two configurations: the IP65 lead-wire type or the IP67 connector type.
  • Small and Light
  • High Torque and Speed
  • Precise and High-Speed
  • Encoder (23bit, 40 micro-degree turns)
  • Robust (IP65/67)
  • Advanced Servo Drivers
  • Different driver types: Pulse, RTEX, and EtherCAT
  • 3.2 KHz Frequency Response
  • Adaptive Load Control: Determines the best gain settings in response to fluctuations in inertia
  • Friction Torque Compensation Function: Reduces the effects of machine-related friction by utilizing three friction compensation methods.
  • Damping Filter function: Reduces axis vibrations and settling times. Useful in low rigidity/low compliance systems
  • Notch Filter function: Detects and removes resonance frequencies caused by machine vibration
  • 3-Step Gain Function: Achieves lower vibration and quicker positioning
  • Dynamic Braking Function: Reduces motor deceleration time
  • Inrush Current Preventive Function: prevents the motor from drawing excess current
  • Input/output Signal Assignment
  • Block operation function: Saves up to 255 block operations (motion profiles) in the driver
  • Free powerful software, PANATERM v6


High performance, multi-functional and compact AC Servo Motors from Panasonic.


  • 20-Bit Incremental Or 17-Bit Absolute Encoder
  • 2kHz Response Frequency
  • Low Cogging Torque
  • Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning
  • Manual And Auto Notch Filters
  • Manual And Auto Damping Filters