Water Saving Devices

Water Saving Devices in Mumbai
Greenly is a brand of tap water saver products like Water Saving Nozzles, Water Saving Aerators, Water Saving Taps, Shower Water flow regulators, Tap Flow regulators, Water Tap filters, Faucet regulators, water saver faucet products and Eco Friendly products among others.

The idea for introducing Tap water savers products arose from the need to conserve water given that an average person uses nearly 600 liters a year just to wash her/his hands. The amount of freshwater available for ready consumption is just 0.3% of the total freshwater on earth. Water Saving products such as Greenly TrueMist, Water SAVE Aerators are made up of food grade materials can help in saving water up-to 97% with its ergonomically structure. The use of Water Save products helps in reducing wastage of water as well as in reducing the overall carbon footprints.

In a typical household, more than 300 litres of water are wasted every day in India. Not only is water conservation important for your budget, but it is also even more important for the environment. With a few basic tools and DIY projects to install water saving devices on the plumbing fixtures in your home makes a huge difference in the consumption of water and reduce the stress. These simple changes can add up, helping you to save water and money too.

Best Water Saving Devices

Sensor Taps helps in conserving the water as much as 50% compared to normal water tap as the flow is time bound and water gets dispensed only when there is an need.

A low-flow, high-efficiency faucet aerator lowers the fixture’s water usage by about four percent. A standard faucet may be responsible for up to 15 percent of household water use. Making the switch could help you save more than 100 liters of water every year. To install a low-flow, high-efficiency faucet aerator, unscrew the current aerator and screw on the new device internally or as an external attachment tap save water. The old aerator can be recycled.

A low-flow, high-efficiency water saving nozzle for tap can replace the existing plastic tap aerator to save water and water from water saver taps can be reduced by 97%. since Water saving nozzles are made of brass, its last longer than faucet aerators and durable. 

Standard shower heads use 12 Litres of water per minute, meaning that a typical shower uses about 60 liters of water. You can purchase a low-flow shower head that uses 5 litres per minute or less and save quite amount of water usage in bathrooms. A low-flow shower head is installed by simply unscrewing the old head and screwing on the new one. If there is any rust or buildup on the pipe, remove it with some diluted white vinegar before screwing on the new head. In a home with four people who shower daily, you could save up to 8000 litres of water every year.

While low-flow complaints were abundant when they first started to become widely used, most brands now make great models that lack nothing regarding pressure. Specially designed fittings can make all of the difference.

Automatic Shut-Off Nozzles

An automatic shutoff nozzle rests between the pipe and the shower-head. To operate it, simply turn the valve with your thumb. You would do this after wetting your hair. The water would be off while you do the shampooing and soap your body. You would then flip the switch back when you are ready to rinse. The temperature of the water is the same once the switch is flipped back on. You can also screw one of these devices onto your outside water tap for your garden hose.

Shower timers use smart technology to measure the amount of water that each person uses in the shower. The device then warns you if you are taking too long in the shower. These devices can be easily installed onto the shower’s pipe.

Pressmatic water saver taps helps in saving water using auto closing valve mechanism after 8 to 10 seconds and ideal for commercial establishments and corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality and catering environments, where Pressmatic taps offer clear advantages over manual taps. its one of the best model tap to save water.

At Greenly, our aim has always been to offer products that help our clients to conserve water (indeed, we’ve written before about the importance of water saving for all of us). Pressmatic water saving taps generally include an aerator in the spout which disperses the water and means that much less is needed for washing than is the case with traditional taps.

Toilets are the biggest consumer of water in the home, using about 30 percent of the household’s water. A dual-flush toilet releases about 1.5 litres of water for urine and the standard 5 liters for solid waste. To install a dual-flush converter, turn off the water supply to the toilet and drain the water out of the tank. Unscrew the old flush valve and pull out the old mechanism. Install the new mechanism and restore the water supply to the toilet.

Tank bags are a simple solution for reducing the amount of water used with every flush. You can buy special inflatable devices that take up some of the space in the toilet’s tank. Alternatively, you can use a plastic bottle filled with water or even place a brick or two in the tank. This will help displace some water, saving a little on each flush. You do not have to remember to press different buttons or change your habits to save water with a tank bag. 

A grey water diverter is used to recycle water from showering or rinsing laundry into a storage vessel. The water can then be used to flush the toilet or water the lawn or garden. Just be sure to use environmentally friendly products that will not leave any harmful chemicals in the water, such as those from products with micro-beads, stain lifters, bleach, and soaps.

A rainwater tank or rain barrel stores rain that drains off of the roof and into the gutters. You can use this water for your lawn and flowerbeds. To install a rain barrel, you will need to remove the existing downspout and connect rubber hosing to the opening of the gutter. The other end of the hose is inserted in an opening in the lid of the collection device. You could also make your own rain barrel out of food-grade plastic.

A rainfall shutoff device connects to your sprinkler system and shuts it off when there is moisture on the soil from a recent or current rain shower. Rainfall shutoff devices are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. An even better water-saving system is a weather-based irrigation controller—but to install one is a more challenging DIY task.

Other measures includes Rain water harvesting, Re-using Grey water, Installing water meters to track usage, Garden water sprinklers..etc

Saving water is easy to do when you automate the process. These inexpensive, time and money-saving devices could cut your water bills by up to 50 percent. You will steward the limited natural resources of the Earth and also save some money.