The XR Multimeter Series let you customize features and functions for electronic or electrical applications, plant maintenance or HVAC applications. HVAC contractors and field service technicians have a choice of the manual ranging 37XR-A with capacitance or the autoranging or the True-rms 38XR-A with temperature and backlight. For electronics troubleshooting, the True-rms 37XR-A offers component and logic test. If you’re an engineer, designing or troubleshooting industrial automation and control systems, check out the 38XR-A, a True-rms multimeter with bright blue backlight and an optical PC interface.
Min/max and data hold
Separate door for easy battery and fuse access
Low battery indication
Relative, peak, and average and data hold
Analog bar graph
Input warning tone when test leads are in wrong jack
Auto power-off to save battery life

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