Dust Control Misting System

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First Industrial Solution supplies and installs Dust Suppression Misting Systems which are valuable every type of facility from material large transfer facilities to material processors.

When ordinary water is atomized into dusty environments, dry fugitive dust absorbs the water droplets, causing them to increase in weight and cohesiveness. This causes the dust particles to settle out of the air either returning back into the process material or settling to the floor.

This range of misting systems produces 10 microns (or smaller) sized water droplets which suppress dust without wetting the process material, your equipment and facilities. Our approach to dust suppression costs a fraction of traditional dust extraction equipment and avoids the moisture problems of common spray-type systems.

Industrial Solution dust suppression can be custom-made to meet the precise requirements of the customer, whether on a small or large scale and for any indoor or outdoor applications.  We have designed and installed dust control misting systems at a variety of locations including transfer stations, paper mills, recycling plants and even potato packing plants.

Industrial Solution dust control misting systems are modular according to the configuration of the emission point, the classification of the machinery to treat and quality of dust produced.

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