Industrial Solution Misting System’s engineers and technicians have extensive experience in solving industrial misting problems. We have designed large high-pressure misting systems that have operated over 80 high-pressure wall-mounted fans with 4 high-pressure pumps. We have designed and installed extensive worker cooling/misting systems in factories and manufacturing facilities.

Industrial Solution Misting Systems has developed high-pressure industrial misting systems to solve process cooling problems in very hostile and acidic environments. Our systems relieved some of the electrical problems that resulted after the attacks as our products helped keep the HVAC transformers cool in that area. Without our equipment, brownouts or blackouts may have occurred if the Con Ed transformers had overheated.

Since then Industrial Solution has designed solutions for a variety of multiple high-pressure misting systems applications.

Industrial Solution can design a solution for any industrial cooling opportunity.

Industrial Solution carries a wide selection of industrial fans, velocity fans and industrial blowers and can find a solution for your industrial cooling, dust or odor issues.

Industrial fans deliver spot cooling, ventilation and circulation. They work well in many environments including factories, warehouses, military bases, schools and storage facilities.

Our Industrial product list is so extensive we aren’t able to list each product on this site. However, if you don’t find what you need, or aren’t sure which Industrial Misting Fan.

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