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Video of Kitchen Tap Shower nozzle head:

Greenly True Tap Shower Nozzle TTS4 sprays water in Shower pattern. Conserving water is need of the hour as it has a very good environmental effect as well as it saves a significant amount of money. True Tap Shower is an attachment which acts as tap with shower head and controls the flow of water. This tap fitting shower head is best for Kitchen as the shower spreads the water widely and reduce the consumption by reducing water bouncing off the Vessels and reduces splashing of water.

Greenly True Tap Shower Nozzle sprays water in Shower flow pattern and reduces water consumption at taps by 50%.

Easy to install – Tap Shower can be easily removed and attached to any Tap having suitable thread. Be it a Male (outer) thread or Female (Inner) Thread, We have wide range of Nozzle Adapters thread size that suits your tap size.

They come in many designs – Different Tap shower models can fit in any bathroom taps, Kitchen taps or any other place. They come in sleek chrome. Ideal for tap in Kitchen.

Customization – Have a requirement on the Tap shower flow rates? We can design and manufacture as per your specification.


Advantage Tap Shower head water saver:

– Can be retrofitted in any standard 22 mm Diameter Tap(M24/F24 threaded taps). No Tap replacement needed.

– Dispense 4 LPM saving 50% of water consumption at your tap.. Saves 50% of the water.

– Customization (We can provide water flow rates as per your requirement from 2 Liters per minute to 4 liters per minute).

– Solid construction using Brass material.

– Ergonomic Design.

– Anti rust proof.

– No Splashing of water out of the sink or wash basin.

– Easy installation and maintenance.

– Made up of brass and coated with Nickel to improve the life.

– Standard Model – 2, 3 & 4 litres per minute.

– TTS2 – 2 LPM & TTS3 – 3 LPM models are best suited for bathroom wash basins, Canteens wash rooms, Hotels, restaurants.

– TTS4 – 4 LPM model best suited for Kitchen.

– Operating Working pressure (1 bar to 6 bar).

– Reduce Energy bills.

– Good Return on Investment

Output LPM in Shower mode 4 LPM (50% Savings)
Flow patterns Shower flow 
Method of Construction Brass
Suitable Tap Thread size Various Tap threads using adapters
Operating Pressure 1 bar to 6 bar.
Country of Origin India



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