Greenly Water Save Aerators for taps – 4 liters per minute (LPM) – Foam / Laminar flow pattern (WS-F4)

Laminar stream straighteners produce a non-aerated water stream. Ideal for high-flow applications or health care facilities. Greenly laminar spout-end aerator devices deliver a crystal-clear and non-splashing stream.

Water-Saving Nozzles, Water saving Aerator, Water-saving shower from the range of products gives very good results in saving water for both commercial and residential facilities. Saves water by streamlining water flow. Easy to install and maintain.

Foam / Laminar flow pattern (WS-F4) Aerator are

Saves around 50% compared to normal aerators.
Best suitable for Kitchen.
anti-clogging filter screen filters sediments and particles.
perfect flow quality even under different flow conditions.
extended life.
very low noise level.
Easy installation and maintenance.
fulfills all standard requirements.
DIY – easily replaceable using a 22 mm spanner or a cutting Plier.
Reduce Energy bills.
Best Return on Investment.

Prevents splashing:

When a single stream of water hits a surface the water must go somewhere, and because the stream is uniform the water will tend to go mostly in the same direction. If a single stream hits a surface that is curved, then the stream will conform to the shape and be easily redirected with the force of the volume of water falling. Adding the aerator does two things: reducing the volume of falling water which reduces the splash distance, and creating multiple “mini-streams” within the mainstream. Each mini-stream, if it were falling by itself would splash or flow in a unique and different way when it hit the surface, as compared to the other mini-streams. Because they are all falling at the same time, the streams will splash in their own way but end up hitting other splash streams. The resulting interference cancels out the majority of the splashing effect.

Conservation and energy reduction:

Because the aerator limits the water flow through the faucet, water usage is reduced compared to the same duration of flow without an aerator. In the case of hot water, because less water is used, less heat energy is used.

Perceived water pressure:

The perception of water pressure is actually the speed of the water as it hits a surface, (the hands, in the case of hand washing). When an aerator is added to the faucet (or fluid stream), there is a region of high pressure created behind the aerator. Because of the higher pressure behind the aerator and the low pressure in front of it (outside the faucet), due to Bernoulli’s Principle, there is an increase in the velocity of the fluid flow.

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