Mid Pressure Misting System

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Buy Mid Pressure Misting System online in India.

Customize the misting system for your requirement balancing performance and budget. Best of hot and dry climate areas.

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A mid pressure misting system can cool your residential or commercial outdoor area by 15 degrees. The biggest advantage over a low pressure system (10 bar / 150 psi) is that the mid pressure (20 bar / 300 psi) pump produces a water droplet that is much smaller, which in turn means the evaporation happens faster. Our mid pressure misting systems are equipped with high rigid and performance mid pressure misting pumps which is suitable for hour-long operations combined with superior performance, economic operations, and silent operations.


  • Twin purpose of cooling and watering.
  • maintains humidity
  • Effective misting


  • Suitable for highly dry places
  • Humidification of Greenhouse.
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