Series 2380 programmable DC Electronic Loads are single output, standalone loads with 200 W, 250 W and 750 W models. Multiple operating modes with up to 25 kHz of dynamic cycling, superior voltage/current resolution and readback accuracy together with multiple interface choices make the Series 2380 ideal for testing a power source in your bench.

• Multiple operating modes: CV, CC, CR, CP, Battery Test, and LED Simulation
• 0.1 mV / 0.01 mA V/I readback resolution and 0.025%/0.05% V/I readback accuracy
• Up to 25 kHz dynamic cycling mode with adjustable slew rates up to 2.5 A/μs
• Helpful features include voltage rise and fall time measurement, a current monitor output, and list mode load profiles
• Built-in GPIB, USB, RS232 interfaces
• 0.1 mV / 0.01 mA voltage/current readback resolution give you more confidence in the reading when testing your device.
• Dynamic Mode up to 25 kHz for faster transient validation of DC power sources.

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