We have only 0.3% of fresh water readily available in the earth for human consumption. More water has escaped from the tap unknowingly, Our time to save water starts now. join us to pull our hourglass water saving nozzle down and start water saving. its Kitchen tap pull out nozzle and has inbuilt anti splash regulator for higher pressure.

Water Sense Atomizer – Dual mode Water saving Nozzle is a tap nozzle which Converts low pressure water flow into mist form in taps and dispense water in such a way to maximize water utilization there by saving up to 90% of water from taps.


  • Mist Mode is best for vegetable wash, Hand wash, mild soiled plates washing and rinsing of Vessels. Best water mist spray nozzle for tap.
  • Shower / Spray Mode is best for Filling glasses, Vessel washing and Higher water quantity applications.

Why Dual mode Tap Water saving Nozzle is best for you?

Flow of water can be controlled for various application by minimizing the degree of rotation. Even though its a two mode nozzle, Water flow can be controlled variably.

Advantage of Dual mode Water saving Nozzle for taps:

  • Mist flow mode dispense only 500 ml per minute (Saves 93% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Spray flow mode dispense only 4 litres per minute (Saves 50% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Just a pull and push between mist and Spray mode.
  • Can be retrofitted in any standard 22 mm Diameter Tap(M24/F24 threaded taps). No Tap replacement needed.
  • Works both in Pressure-less Water system (Gravity fed piping system) and Pressurized water system.
  • Solid construction using Stainless steel / Brass material.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Anti rust proof.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – DIY – Simply unscrew existing aerator and replace with Water Sense Atomizer.
  • Optimized for varieties of usage including Home Faucets, Wash basin, Kitchen, Commercial establishment, Educational Institution and Shopping malls.
  • Operating Working pressure (1 bar to 6 bar). No Pressure regulator required up to 2.5 bar. Pressure regulator required above 2.5 bar.
  • Extreme water saving without compromising the water usage.

Water Pressure at your taps Vs Output of water sense atomizer:

When you home piping system is installed with pressure booster pumps, Pressure at tap point may be higher than 2.5 bar pressure.

Its advisable to attach pressure regulator at the back of water saver nozzle (only available in retail pack) supplied along with the package.

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